Dry Curry Leaves Powder


We export assorted collection of Dehydrated Curry Leaves Powder, packed in moist free packs to enhance its shelf life. We always endeavor to keep the fragrant essence intact while packing the  Curry Powder. These  Curry Powder are dehydrated using hydroscopic method removes the liquid but leaves behind the flavor.


Name :  Dried Curry Powder

Quality :  “A”grade, commercial grade, “B”grade

Packing size :  1 kg, 20kg, 25kg

Packaging type :  HDPE poly bag

Form type : powder

Storage instruction :  Store in a cool and dry place

Dehydrated Curry Leaves Powder
Moisture Contents: 6.00% Maxi 4.52% Maxi
Total Ash: 9.00% Maxi. 3.41% Maxi
Acid Insoluble Ash: 0.50% Maxi 0.22% Maxi
Taste & Pungency Natural Taste with high pungency
Color Pure Natural Greenish color
Life 9month From Manufacturing Date